The Poster of  screenplay “TIDES OF MEMORY” by Luisa Mariani.


The screenplay starts from a meeting with William Kentridge – one of the major exponents on the international contemporary art scene – focusing on the relationship between Impermanent Art and Memory.


William Kentridge’s monumental work “TRIUMPHS and LAMENTS” represents the history of the eternal city from its origins to the present day. He created this mural on the walls flanking the River Tiber in Rome. The image of the Kentridge’s Protector Angel served as the backdrop for the poster.

The film takes us on a journey of six emotional-sensory exercises and their declinations.


The poster itself seeks to mirror the fruit of my own personal research to understand how collective memories of the past are today remembered, lived and perhaps even experienced. In other words, what traces, sensations are left in the wake of memory.


Jim Morgan, a skillful art-designer, used and extended the large upper strokes of some letters to create the frames of the film images. They appear in same order as they do in the film, from the prologue to Exercise 6, using some of the images highlighted by myself and some selected from the film. For the Exercises and the Prologue, a system of color codes was used to establish a visual link between the images and the titles to the right of the poster. Of particular interest is fonts – the characters – the letters  are not catalogued or even included in the normal use of graphics. This research took inspiration from shops signs that may be found in the center of Rome. In line with the film itself, Jim Morgan investigates and retrieves this specific memory bringing it to life.


With this film I have tackled a theme that is very dear to me and which is still in continual progress because the stimulus of memory generates continuous reflection.